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TeguTegu makes curiously attractive wooden toys for your seriously creative kids - like their magnetic wooden blocks.
Mogo Charm BraceletThe old-fashioned charm bracelet just got a facelift, thanks to MOGO, the magnetic charm. The line combines interchangeable magnetic charms and linkable charmbands in seven funky colors to update the tween-favorite accessory.
Wooly WillyFirst introduced in 1955, Wooly Willy is a classic magnetic toy. Start with a blank face and use the magnetic wand to move the metal shavings around to create new hairstyles for Willy.
Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress-Up PlaysetThe twenty-first century version of paper dolls! These adorable play sets feature sturdy wooden dolls with a stand for each, plus plenty of colorful, magnetic outfits and accessories.
No Slippy Hair ClippyThe first no slip hair clip!
Manhattan Toy Co's Baby StellaBaby Stella comes with a removable diaper; and a pacifier that attaches magnetically to her mouth!
StacrobatsAnd now in the center ring - Stacrobats! Children of all ages have tons of fun stacking, balancing, and performing death-defying feats with these five magnetic marvels. Watch the Stacrobats juggle three magnetic balls on their hands and feet!