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about us
One afternoon, I was helping my sister feed my nephew Charlie. Charlie would not let me put his bib on him, no way - no how! I thought, what is the problem here? The bib is velcro, this shouldn't be hard! We finally got it on him, fed him and when I took the bib off, I saw a patch of his little red hair stuck in the velcro. Ouch! Velcro hurts! I thought there has to be a better way... that day Magnificent Baby was born.
Our company, based in New York City, was started by two Emory University college pals, Lauren & Lawrence. Lauren, a former commercial real estate analyst, is the right brain of the group while Lawrence, the ivy-league-trained attorney, is the left.

We hope you enjoy our products and see how easy changing time can be. We welcome your feedback.

Have a Magnificent day!

-Lauren & Lawrence
Magnificent Baby
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